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515 Eur Gift Voucher

Use this gift voucher and make your friends, colleagues, and dearest happy. Give them a gift which they will get a chance to design as they only wish. They will not have to get restricted by the colour, shape of the shoe, or an actual type of the shoe. You do not have to redeem the voucher right after the purchase, your dearest ones will have lots of time to think through what they like the most. When they are done with their parties and celebrations they are ready to go designing their shoes.


Expiration Date: The voucher needs to be redeemed within 3 months from date of the purchase, unless agreed otherwise.


You will receive a handwritten personalized DL format voucher in an envelope. In urgent cases when you need to have the voucher instantly before we could actually deliver it, we will create a digital PDF voucher and as soon as the amount is credited to our account we will send it by email. For a fast transfer of the funds, it is more suitable to select online payment in your shopping basket.

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Price excl. VAT 628
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